Theater Directors Say…

“On top of being a talented, inspired and versatile composer, able to create music to suit a wide range of moods, styles and situations, Becky is a wonderful collaborator, hard working, specific and flexible, and an extremely capable music director. Becky came through for me on a very difficult project, composing for signers with a wide range of levels of experience and natural ability, her music was terrific and she was an optimistic and energetic presence in the rehearsal room. I look forward to working with her again, hopefully soon!”

–          Michael John Garcès, Artistic Director, Cornerstone Theater Company

“Ten Thousand Things has had the pleasure of working with Becky as a composer several times — we’ve always found her inventive, thoughtful, hardworking, and very collaborative, quite sensitive to the needs and ideas of everyone else involved — as well as to TTT’s unique performance situations and audiences!”

–          Michelle Hensley, Artistic Director, Ten Thousand Things Theater

“Becky is a superb musician and composer who is genuinely dedicated to collaborating with theater people. Theatre processes can be slow and experimental, and many performers’ energies have been directed to non-musical acting or physical work, with singing as a neglected third area. Becky is patient and encouraging, meeting actors on their own ground and playing with them as music-makers who can surprise themselves with their own sounds and even capacities for composing and playing music. I’ve seen Becky work with young people who were tentative about their singing or musicianship, and with her mentoring they became confident musical performers; I’ve also seen Becky meet experienced singers with advanced training, and compose work that supports and challenges them, too. I wouldn’t hesitate to collaborate with Becky on established or new work, because of her versatile experience and her demonstrable love of music and performance!”

–          Beth Cleary, Director and Professor of Theater, Macalester College

“In the past three years, I have had the joy to work with Becky Dale in two capacities. One as the lead producer of the WESTSIDE THEATRE PROJECT – an original community based theatre event that encompassed stories of the WESTSIDE here in St. Paul, MN – we all benefited from her unending energy and commitment to her vital and vibrant neighborhood.  I was lucky as a director to have such a talented, on the spot and skilled colleague. We were in situations, both years, where we were faced with a limited amount of time and talent. However, to her credit, not only were her composing skills pushed creatively to the limit where she allowed craft to overshadow adversity, but her flexibility in both writing and teaching/coaching supported the many non-professional members to thrive and succeed. Both productions gave us the advantage of having Becky create, write and arrange voices and instruments that moved a mediocre nice show to a great exhilerating product. We could not have had this happen without someone with Becky’s unique combination of skills and community commitment. As the director of both shows, I have acknowledged that we are so much better all around with Becky in the room with us.”

–          Harry Waters Jr, West Side Theater Project Director